Our goal is to create the best-tasting foods by making things from scratch, using good ingredients and applying old-world technique.

The Bread Peddler is located in downtown Olympia on State and Capitol, the historic site of the first territorial legislature of Washington. Today we are a meeting place for the community for both locals and visitors, featuring locally roasted coffee and a full range of espresso drinks. Our sandwiches, reflective of French bakery fare, are crafted with the same care as our bread and pastries. Simply garnished, their ingredients feature premium meats, artisan cheeses, local produce, and slow cooking techniques designed to bring out flavors.

The Bread Peddler is open seven days a week. We offer bread, pastries and coffee all day, as well as sandwiches in the afternoon.  Our Bistro and Creperie are located in the same building, however, please note they have different hours.  Please also note that each  kitchen stops taking orders a half hour before closing time.


Every morning, we combine simple ingredients with old world technique to form the beautiful crusty pains and baguettes.

Many of our breads are made using a levain, a traditional French leavening method that relies only on the wild yeasts in the air. This results in a chewy rustic loaf where the flavors of the grains are prominent.

Other breads use a combination of a preferment and a tiny bit of yeast resulting in a flavorful but more tender bread. All of our breads are shaped by hand, a time-consuming method that is gentler on the dough. Stone tiles in our oven and ejected steam give the loaves a rustic caramelized crust, distinctive of European breads and Old World methods. Our passion for our craft and our commitment to quality, assure you fresh superior artisan bread each day. We endeavor to bring new varieties to satisfy your palate as well as your health needs.

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From croissants to our Mud Bay Crunchies, our pastries capture the flavor of a Paris boulangerie and the spirit of the best of American artisan baking.


We use premium butter and traditional European techniques for our flaky pastries, resulting in a product that is superior in both quality and flavor. Fillings and garnishes made from seasonal fruits, roasted nuts, dark chocolates, and artisan cheeses mean that flavors are subtle and fresh while not overly sweet. Rustic tarts are reminiscent of classic European coffeehouses; perfect for picnics and romantic celebrations. Special dessert and pastry orders can be made with our retail staff - we typically require 48 hours notice.