April 28, 2018

Dear Bread Peddler friends and family,

It is with a very heavy heart that we inform you of the closing of the Peddler Creperie and the cut back of hours in the Peddler Bistro. After several years of financial struggles and after many attempts to make changes for the better, we were left with no other choice. We truly regret that the closures had to happen so quickly, but in an effort to save the core business, The Bread Peddler Café, quick and decisive action was necessary.

We know that change is uncomfortable and inconvenient, especially to the loyal customer who comes in each day, places the same order, and sits in the same spot. You are, undoubtedly, our favorite customers and we truly appreciate that you have continued to stick with us and share in our journey. There have been many changes made over the past year to The Bread Peddler that may have seemed like random decisions; however, we want to assure you that each change was made with our customers in mind or was a direct result of the feedback and comments that we’ve received.

For instance, when we moved our breakfast and lunch menu to the Bistro, it was in response to complaints about long lines and wait times at the Café counter. We were shocked when that change was not well received, so we brought breakfast and lunch back to the Café. In turn, this has caused the need to reduce the hours in the Bistro. In retrospect, we probably lost more customers by making the change than by simply continuing to have the long lines and wait times, but ultimately, we were trying to make the experience better for our customers and we WILL NOT stop trying to do so, even if that means making mistakes. We are human, and the restaurant business is not an exact science.

So, why keep trying? Why not just cut our losses and walk away? This city embraced us with open arms when we arrived in 2006 and after twelve years, Olympia is our home… and you are our family. Our team members are our family. And we won’t give up on that. But we need your help Olympia. We need our most loyal customers to stand by us, to continue to give us constructive feedback (please, please tell us what you love and what you don’t), and to let the world know that we’re still here. To our business neighbors, we need to ban together and find ways to help revive the city that gave us all opportunities to open the doors to our dreams.   

Things always seem grim when a business must close its doors or reduce its size. Yes, we’re saddened and yes, we’re grieving… but we’re also looking at this as an opportunity to refocus and concentrate on the core business. Our mission now is to reignite that passion that made The Bread Peddler an icon in the first place. Over the next year, we’ll able to expand our bakery offerings, revamp our menus, develop a wholesale program, and even do some new things with the Bistro space… anyone up for French small plates and an expanded wine menu?

We’ve got a lot of work to do, but YOU make it all worth it. Thank you! Thank you to each and every one of our customers, old friends and new friends. Thank you to our team members, former and current, whose dedication and hard work has been, and always will be, the backbone of this company. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, in even the tiniest of ways. Without you, there would be no Bread Peddler. But with you, the future still looks bright.


The Bread Peddlers


Worth the Trip

“With its cases lined with pastries and rustic loaves of naturally fermented breads, the Bread Peddler remains the market’s biggest draw, generating foot traffic for the newcomers.”

Seattle Times


Amazingly good!

“Enjoyed breakfast here and would love to go back for lunch! Had their classic breakfast...poached eggs perfect as well as their potatoes. The bacon is to die for, we were told they make it. Also the bread toasted was so yummy. Eggs benedict also looked great! Have to stand in line to order but worth it.”

Ruth S. - Trip Advisor


Best Bakery, Best Soup

“Those hoping for a fresh loaf would be smart to call ahead if they plan to arrive much after noon. But there are plenty of other items to be found at the downtown bakery, winner of both Best Bakery and Best Soup.”

2016 Best Of Olympia



Best Dining Bets

"Those in the know make the Bread Peddler a daily stop for flaky croissants and oeufs en cocotte. Piquant tuna Niçoise sandwiches come on house-baked baguettes, and the almond meringue cookies are chewy, meltin-your-mouth good."



Don’t miss: The croissants. 

“Baker and owner Andre Lerest, who hails from Brittainy, France, creates incredible pastries and breads. He also offers gluten-free items and a full café-style menu for lunch and dinner. Don’t miss: The croissants. They’re flaky, airy and oh-so buttery. "

South Sound Magazine